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Sprint notes #3: Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Martyn Evans, Aug. 12, 2021

Having completed the complex restructuring work in the last sprint , we were now in a good position to create some new features to support more patients on the remote monitoring service.

We improved the information presented during the onboarding process and during PROM completion, with the aim of making it clearer to patients what they could expect of the service and what was required of them. We implemented an Active vs Passive monitoring feature to indicate which patients may benefit from closer remote monitoring and which were currently being seen regularly in clinic. To further tailor the service to the needs of individuals, we allowed clinicians to set a personal baseline for each patient, meaning they could adjust the sensitivity of the "red flags" that capture significant fluctuations in PROM scores. Finally, we introduced more controls over which clinicians could view which patient records, in preparation for additional hospitals using the service.

We're taking a break from development now to regroup, gather some feedback, and consider the next priority features. Candidates include: condensing the PROM reminder cycle so that PROMs are completed within two weeks rather than four, and collecting additional mental wellbeing data from patients.

Big thanks to the team (Ali, Celia, Melissa, and Steph) for getting so much delivered in these three sprints!